Keepsakes make great gifts :-)

How's your week been? Mine has been a super busy one.

The type of busy that I enjoy though, sewing, sewing and then some more sewing. I have put some crazy hours in the Sewing Room this week, just me and my heater (where has the summer gone?). My kind of heaven really.

It is half term for my lot next week so I have been focusing on ensuring I am ahead of schedule, so I can take a few days off to just be 'mum'. We're planning on a trip to the farm, the obligatory day at a soft play centre, some cooking (NOT my forte but the biggest Keepsake is keen so thought I should act willing!), meeting friends and no doubt a few trips to our local woods. What about you, do you have any exciting half term plans?

Keepsakes are really popular as First Birthday Gifts. They are such a lovely way to remember your little ones first precious year. This beautiful Elephant and 4 Patch Cushion Cover set was bought for a special little niece :-)

Keepsakes also make great gifts for Grandparents, this oh so sweet Giraffe was made especially for Grandma using outfits she bought and remembered her little bundle of gorgeousness in.
Father's Day is fast approaching. This year it is on Sunday the 21st of June. 'I must not, forget, I must not forget' (again - oops!).

This super smart Puppy was made to remind a lovely daddy of his first year of fatherhood.

There is still time to order and receive your Keepsake in time for Father's Day, all you need to do is contact me via the Facebook page or by email gemma.keepsake@gmail.com
My Keepsakes

All of my Keepsakes have been huge fans of dressing up outfits over the years, I have lost count of the number of times I have been in a Supermarket with a Super Hero or a Princess, or at times both! So I was shocked to learn via the Claudia Winkleman WatchDog Programme on BBC that dressing up outfits do not have to pass the same safety tests that children's clothes do. It broke me heart to hear Claudia talking about how 'she couldn't put her little girl out', the flames just kept reigniting. I have left the link here in case you haven't seen it.


There is a petition to reclassify this type of dressing up outfit to ensure none of us have to go through the ordeal that Claudia has. The link is below if you would like to sign too.

Lastly, I loved hearing all the '20 Random facts' that so many of you sent last week. The under lying feeling was that we all struggled to think of 20 things about ourselves, I bet if it had been about out children we could have listed 50 within seconds. As a mum we get so used to putting everyone else first, that I think there is a danger that we lose ourselves. As such I am thinking of making an area where we can all share random things about ourselves 'The Voice Behind Mum'. As soon as I can work out the technology required to do this I will set it up! Until then I would love to hear anything about YOU. Have you watched anything that interested you recently? Have you seen anything that made you smile? I'd love to hear from you. Love, Gemma xxx