The Year of The Mum.

The Good in Me.

Happy 2016, I know it is a bit belated but I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas xxx

So, it's a new year - another year older (sob, sob) and another year wiser (???). Towards the end of this year I turn a horribly old round number and I am not feeling too 'zen' about it if I am being totally honest.

Each year I make grand New Year's Resolutions. Normally to lose drastic amounts of weight or to become the most organised person the world has ever seen, both of which I fail miserably at time after time. This year, with the prospect of the midlife crisis approaching, I've resolved to become comfortable within myself. I'm going to try to find my good parts, focus on them and maybe accept the negatives as being part of what makes up the good parts. With that in mind I am declaring that:
  • My stomach will never be washboard flat but my legs are ok so leggings are my friend.
  • I have some wrinkles but I have earned them through laughing with friends many, many times. In fact I look forward to gaining a few more.
  • In the monotony of day to day life I am not, nor do I think I ever will be, the most organised of people but it does mean my children are growing up to be versatile and adaptable. Mum forgot it was school photo day? Learn to do your own hair!
  • I often feel that I don't have a minute to myself but I am thankful that I am never lonely. Yes my house is busy which can create a lot of tidying but it is a house full of warmth (well that's what I tell Mr Keepsake when it looks like a bomb site!!!).
There, that feels much better. What about you? Have you made any resolutions? If not why don't you join me in finding the positive in yourself. If you have two minutes I'd love to hear yours, honestly writing them down really helped me to see that I am ok as I am.
This beautiful Heirloom Bear was made for a special customer and her gorgeous little girl. I always say that the Keepsakes quickly develop their own personalities and this one most definitely did. She was full of sweetness from the first design stage.
This super sweet Puppy was actually made from my middle Keepsake's Toddler clothes. I used at T-shirt, sweatshirt, a special vest, some shorts and a lovely little shirt we'd bought in Spain a few years ago. I love seeing the memories on a daily basis.
A popular selection for Keepsakes has been an animal of choice, a 4 Patch Cushion and Cotbed Quilt. I love how gloriously girlie all three of these are.

Please contact me for the different bundle prices if you are interested :-) xxx

In other news...
I finally got set up with Netflix - I know, massively behind the times but better late to the party than never I always think! I discovered 'Orange is the New Black' and I LOVE it. I have thoroughly enjoyed staying up too late and binge watching episode after episode. I am nearly caught up though and wondered if anyone had any other tips for series that I should watch? All tips will gratefully be received :-)
P.S. I also learned that "To Watch Netflix and Chill" has slightly different connotations to some. Rest assured in my house I really am chilling while watching and if you have no idea what I am talking about ask someone cooler than me as apparently I traumatised my 19 year old godson!!!!!!!!!