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Last week I attended a great Baby and Toddler Show in Oxford. I met some super cute babies who notched my broodiness up far too quickly! However, for me the stand out memories were meeting so many incredible mums.

Brand new mums who've had no time to recover from the brutality of birth yet plaster a smile on their face and manage to carry on regardless (kudos to you all by the way, I was still rocking and crying in the corner at the stage you are all at). Mums so pregnant that they're defying the laws of gravity by just being upright, yet are walking around an entire baby show totally rocking their bumps. Mums in the early stages of pregnancy, still managing all aspects of life even though the exhaustion they are feeling would break mere mortals before adding in the nausea, all over aching and overwhelming anxiety. Mums wrangling toddlers, feeding babies, dealing with leaks, spillages, dropped items (the list is never ending), all the while chatting to me, budgeting, planning ahead, shopping etc etc etc.

I was left with the resounding feeling that as Mums we really are an amazing species and in general can be vastly overlooked. There's celebrity mum of the year but where's the medals for the rest of us - the true multitasking, life juggling wonder women? I don't have any medals but I would like to take this moment to say Happy Mothers Day to you all, you are all doing an incredible job and you are ALL Superheros in my eyes xxxx
This super girlie and Monkey and 4 Patch Cushion Set were so pretty to work on, the colours instantly cried out as to how they would best work together.
I just love how each Keepsake style adapts perfectly to boys or girls clothes. I made this cheeky chappy in the same week as the girlie Monkey Keepsake and they both instantly took on their differing personalities :-)

Keepsake Giveaway

In celebration of all things great about Mums I am running a Giveaway. A great prize; of a Keepsake of your choice (excluding Quilts), including all embroidery options and all P&P costs. You can enter through the Giveaway link on my Facebook Page (the link at the bottom of this should take you straight to it), answering a question and can then boost your chances with other entry options. Good luck, I can't wait to see who wins :-) Love Gemma xxxx