Keepsakes From My Sewing Room - Puppy's

The ever lovable Puppy Dog Keepsake is always much admired. The Keepsake is brilliant at displaying 6 - 8 items of baby clothes and allows for a few larger motifs to be shown off. The Puppy Dog Keepsake is designed to lie down and is approximately 30cm long. It is the perfect way to remember all the memories connected to each item of clothing.

Keepsakes - Puppy Keepsakes - Puppy Keepsakes - Puppy

Puppy dogs use 6 - 8 pieces of clothing and start from £44.00.

Please see the "how to order" section of this website for how to order or contact me on

Made using an original Funky Friends Factory Pattern.

Thanks x

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Timmy the dog - Famous Five

I was desperate to have a dog as a child (we had three cats), so much so that I had an imaginary one called Jet. Yes, I walked him with an imaginary lead and fed him imaginary food - I blame The Famous Five - Timmy was my idol!!!!!!